Elec­tro­nics Tech­ni­cian for Auto­ma­tion Technology

What do you do in this profession?

  • Plan and install auto­ma­tion systems
  • Monitor and operate systems
  • Advise users

Where do you work?

  • Cons­truc­tion sites
  • Work­shop

What is important?

  • Craft­sman­ship and tech­nical understanding
  • Logical thin­king and inte­rest in electronics

  • Dili­gence, accu­racy and sense of responsibility

  • Cautious­ness (e. g. when working on live components/voltage connections)

Job speci­fics

  • Varied, deman­ding, manual and tech­nical activities
  • School subjects: good grades in math, computer science and physics
  • Dura­tion: 3.5 years
If you would like to work actively in our team, we look forward to recei­ving your application.
Please send us your appli­ca­tion docu­ments to

Please send us your appli­ca­tion docu­ments to

Zahnen Technik GmbH
Bahn­hofstr. 24
54687 Arzfeld

or prefer­ably by email to:

Our appren­tices as Elec­tronic Tech­ni­cian for Auto­ma­tion Technology:

Yannik Schilz

Arndt Braeu­cker

Yannis Beirig