Intern­ship at Zahnen Technik

Your intern­ship in the company Zahnen Technik- Thats easy. You are inse­cure which Job is the right one for you? You want to get to know your dreamjob?

If you want to absolve a school or a volun­tary intern­ship, then just get in touch with us.

An Over­view of the available intern­ship places (all genders welcome)
  • Intern­ship as an Indus­trial Elec­tro­nics Technician

  • Intern­ship as an Elec­tro­nics Tech­ni­cian for Auto­ma­tion Technology

  • Intern­ship as an Indus­trial Manage­ment Assistant

  • Intern­ship as a Warehouse Logi­stic Expert

  • Intern­ship as a Computer Science Expert

  • Intern­ship as a Tech­nical Product Designer

  • Intern­ship as a Tech­nical System Planner

  • Intern­ship as a Cons­truc­tion Mechanic

On Events you could directly contact us!

You want to get to know us? Learn some­thing about the company Zahnen Technik and which oppor­tu­ni­ties of appren­ti­ce­ships are possible in our company?

Please take the chance on an event. We gladly answer your ques­tions and you get the possi­bi­lity to get in touch with our apprentices.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Save the Date for Events!


In every profes­sion in that we offer an appren­ti­ce­ship you can absolve an internship.

School intern­ships
Volun­tary internships

An intern­ship is possible at every time. In the holiday periods, the requests are higher, so it might be better to get in touch with us a bit earlier.

If you are inte­rested in more than one profes­sion, we can connect that in your intern­ship and you can get to know two profes­sions at the same time.


You can give us a call or send us an E‑Mail, it’s even possible with an online formular.
For your appli­ca­tion we need a cover letter with the period of time and the profes­sion, a CV and a copy of your last certi­fi­cate of school.

If you want to absolve an intern­ship, just get in touch with us.

Your contact person

Sabine Zahnen