Water at a glance

Climate change has a global impact on the occur­rence of extreme weather events. Climate change is incre­asing the risk of extreme rain­fall, which can lead to floo­ding. There is an increased risk of floo­ding, parti­cu­larly in river basins with popu­lated areas and inten­sive agri­cul­ture. The masses of water can cause considerable social, mate­rial and economic damage to entire regions.

In view of the increase in extreme weather events, adapt­a­tion to climate change is of great importance. This includes various measures such as impro­ving flood protec­tion, crea­ting flood­plains, rena­tu­ra­li­sing rivers and raising public awareness.

In addi­tion to these measures, effec­tive early warning systems are of crucial importance. Improved fore­casts and warnings allow evacua­tions and protec­tive measures to be initiated in good time.

With our Control Cloud in the field of water moni­to­ring, you always have a 100% over­view of your water resources. Our service package includes ever­y­thing from concep­tual design and custo­mised setup of the Control Cloud to main­ten­ance of the technology.

Concep­tual design

The concept describes the possible reali­sa­tion of a water moni­to­ring system and includes the follo­wing service package:
  • Crea­tion of measu­ring point maps

  • Inclu­sion of suitable instal­la­tion options

  • Defi­ni­tion of the measu­ring points

  • Compa­rison of diffe­rent technologies

  • Use of self-lear­ning arti­fi­cial intelligence

Instal­la­tion of measu­ring points

  • Moun­ting the measu­ring devices

  • Instal­la­tion of vanda­lism protec­tion measures

  • Instal­la­tion of the measu­ring point

  • Acti­vating the measu­ring point

  • Crea­ting a measu­ring network

Custo­mised setup of the Control Cloud inclu­ding self-lear­ning arti­fi­cial intelligence

  • Learns the beha­viour of the water level in the further course of the river
  • Analyses weather data and soil mois­ture values
  • Inte­grates online and real-time weather data
  • Issues fore­casts
  • Reports limit violations
  • Dynamic moni­to­ring network
  • Connec­tion to apps possible
  • Visua­li­sa­tion of the measu­ring points in an online map service
  • Inter­ac­tive map that supports route planning
  • Measured value and status display within the smart map
  • Mobile access at any time

The water levels can be called up at any time via the water level map

The aler­ting chains could look like this, for example:

  1. Voice call to: Disaster control centre
  2. Voice call to: Head of disaster control centre
  3. Voice call to: District admi­nis­trator of the district
  4. Voice call to: Fire brigade control centre
  5. Voice call to: State Office for Civil Protection
  6. Voice call to: Other insti­tu­tions or persons

Main­ten­ance and service

  • Annual main­ten­ance, inspec­tion and cleaning

  • On-call service

Bene­fits of the Control Cloud by zahnen

  • 100% view of your water

  • Fast access to all data with complete documentation

  • High data secu­rity thanks to encoding

  • Intui­tive and user-friendly operation

  • 24/ 7 Alerting

  • No IT/no server, the cloud is hosted in a German data centre

  • Mana­geable and plan­nable costs

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