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An employee-oriented manage­ment culture is estab­lished in our company. Through a good manage­ment culture, we create a high level of employee loyalty to the company. We attach parti­cular importance to open­ness and cons­truc­tive inter­ac­tion between employees and mana­gers. In addi­tion, we have a goal-oriented infor­ma­tion and commu­ni­ca­tion policy in which the open word is cultivated.

In the fast-moving, digital world in which we live, corpo­rate values act like beacons — they provide orien­ta­tion and can be unders­tood as a guide to action, a basis for decision-making and a stan­dard of conduct.

The follo­wing corpo­rate values lay the foun­da­tion for our employee-oriented leader­ship culture:
  • Intan­gible values (busi­ness and customer rela­ti­onships, corpo­rate culture, know-how, etc.) come before tangible values (mate­rial goods).

  • We pay atten­tion to the health, educa­tion and quality of life of our employees.

  • We deal with infor­ma­tion productively.

  • We imple­ment new inno­va­tions quickly and agilely.

  • We adhere to rules and systems and thus avoid uncertainties.

  • We have a high level of resi­li­ence (psycho­lo­gical resis­tance) which gives us the follo­wing quali­ties: being opti­mi­stic, accep­ting situa­tions, finding solu­tions, leaving the role of victim, taking respon­si­bi­lity, deve­lo­ping cont­acts, plan­ning for the future.

  • We gain time through clever and skilful cooperation.

Our loca­tion

We have consciously and convin­cingly main­tained our loca­tion in the West Eifel over all these years. The muni­ci­pa­lity of Arzfeld in the border region to Belgium and Luxem­bourg is a lively place in the heart of Europe that offers quality of life for young profes­sio­nals and their fami­lies. In addi­tion, the people have a strong attach­ment to the region and its businesses.

The Eifel — a place where others go on holiday! A fasci­na­ting land­scape right on your door­step combined with a wide range of leisure and cultural acti­vi­ties for young and old. In addi­tion to lots of nature and plenty of fresh healthy air, working in the Eifel also means a free ride to work — and thus a gain in quality of life. Like­wise, the rural area is charac­te­rised by a high level of social cohe­sion and social security.

Zahnen is a member of the
EIFEL Employer Network

Photo: Martin Weyandt 

Who we are looking for

Our market is growing — we want our team to grow too. That is why we are looking for committed and crea­tive employees and trai­nees who want to work on their own initia­tive and take advan­tage of oppor­tu­ni­ties for advance­ment, have a desire for inno­va­tion and want to get to know other people and regions.

What we offer

We support our employees in secu­ring their reti­re­ment. For this purpose, we offer the possi­bi­lity of subsi­dised deferred compensation.

A joint company party streng­thens the team spirit and promotes commu­ni­ca­tion within the staff.
We ther­e­fore tradi­tio­nally hold our Christmas party on the last working day before the Christmas company holi­days. Every two years, the employees orga­nise a Zahnen Technik company outing.

In addi­tion to Christmas and holiday bonuses, there is a personal gift for each employee on birth­days and at Christmas.

The work-life balance and health of our employees is very important to us.
That’s why we offer a back fitness course once a week in the company during the winter months, when sport is some­times neglected.

With the life­time working time accounts, we have found a way to recon­cile the employees‘ wishes for a life-phase-oriented, flexible working time arran­ge­ment with opera­tional concerns. Depen­ding on their current life situa­tion, employees can save up working hours (regular remu­ne­ra­tion compon­ents, remai­ning leave, etc.) and also save up again (sabba­ti­cals, further trai­ning, etc.).

Flat hier­ar­chies are estab­lished in our company. This means that not every employee can have a manage­ment career, and at the same time not every employee wants to take on a manage­ment role. By intro­du­cing specia­list career paths, we offer employees a perspec­tive and alter­na­tive to a manage­ment career, because with incre­asing specia­list quali­fi­ca­tions, one can develop into an expert.
The specia­list career paths enable employees to develop their skills in line with requi­re­ments, promote their satis­fac­tion and streng­then their long-term loyalty to the company.

Depen­ding on their career level, employees have an annual trai­ning budget that they can decide freely. The prere­qui­site is that the further trai­ning fits the employee’s job.
In addi­tion, about six times a year, employees do not work on the cons­truc­tion sites on the last Friday of the month. Instead, trai­ning sessions and staff meetings take place. In addi­tion, cons­truc­tion site employees can do in-house errands.

Our employees receive new internet-capable devices, whether smart­phones, PCs or similar, at abso­lutely top condi­tions and out of their gross salary. This way, you save taxes and enjoy tech­nical comfort all in one.

The inter­na­tional orien­ta­tion of our company will increase signi­fi­cantly in the future. To better prepare ourselves for this, the company offers an English commu­ni­ca­tion lesson once a week in small groups for all inte­rested employees.

The company health insu­rance is a private supple­men­tary health insu­rance. It covers the extras that the statu­tory health insu­rance does not pay for. Various bene­fits for teeth, visual aids, preven­tive exami­na­tions, etc. can be claimed.

As a company concerned with resource conser­va­tion, we want to support and promote the shift to e‑mobility.
For example, our employees can use our own e‑charging stations at both of our loca­tions to „fill up on suns­hine“. Our e‑charging stations are „fuelled“ with „green“ solar power via photo­vol­taic systems on our roofs.

The Zahnen Technik Inno­va­ti­onLab not only serves as a place for crea­tive freedom, but also as an internal trai­ning and further educa­tion centre. It offers space in the quick and profes­sional induc­tion of new employees as well as the trai­ning of exis­ting employees. At the same time, we also make our premises available to schools, univer­si­ties or compa­nies asso­ciated in partnership.

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