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Plant manu­fac­tu­ring

Zahnen Technik company is a popular solu­tion provider for chal­lenges and ques­tions regar­ding water treat­ment related topics. With coun­table realised complex plant construc­tion projects, we have made it our goal to keep the quality of the water and to improve it constantly.

With “Zahnen Water Engi­nee­ring Perfor­mance” we combine our know-how in electrical, mecha­nical and process engi­nee­ring, stan­dar­di­sa­tion and digi­ta­li­sa­tion. Within that we support our custo­mers in opti­mi­sa­tion and moder­ni­sa­tion of exis­ting water and waste­water treat­ment plants, as well as in the construc­tion of new ones.


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New construc­tion of a waste­water treat­ment plant in Plütscheid

This precise imple­men­ta­tion of customer speci­fi­ca­tions is our basic requi­re­ment for perfectly fitting sub-compon­ents, electrical cabi­nets or indi­vi­dual switch­gears in all sizes. The smooth and perfectly coor­di­nated assembly and imple­men­ta­tion are guaran­teed, even during ongoing opera­tions. Hard­ware and soft­ware are opti­mally tailored to the special requi­re­ments of the project, from plan­ning to the final customer docu­men­ta­tion. You can always rely on our experts at our own Soft­ware Engi­nee­ring depart­ment. Thanks to exten­sive trai­ning, you always have the latest know­ledge for inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gies and control systems.

We work with most modern tools: The ISO by zahnen engi­nee­ring plat­form, CNC prefa­b­ri­ca­tion in switch­gear construc­tion and with the most advanced construc­tion site equipment.

Our trade­marks are plants and machines “from a single source”:

Special designs, ready to use plants as well as precisely fitting partial compon­ents or conver­sions, for example for special plants, which must take place without inter­rup­ting produc­tion. This is possible thanks to our holistic approach, from initial plan­ning to assembly, commis­sio­ning and main­ten­ance. With our own steel and piping construc­tion, we offer a reli­able and unusually large vertical range of manu­fac­ture. State-of-the-art CAE and CAD systems support the exper­tise of our highly quali­fied specia­lists, as do high-quality welding workstations.

We are specia­lised in plants for energy manage­ment, sewage treat­ment plants, pumping stations, rain­water manage­ment plants and plants for the recy­cling of sludge. We are also experts in the refur­bish­ment and energy opti­mi­sa­tion of exis­ting plants.

Mate­rial changes in water and waste­water require optimal coor­di­nated process engi­nee­ring. To adapt the desired mate­rial change, physical, biolo­gical and chemical proces­sing steps must be speci­fi­cally adapted and arranged to each other.

The selec­tion of the appro­priate process tech­no­logy is essen­tial for water treat­ment and waste­water treat­ment. From the design of the mecha­nical clea­ning, the selec­tion of the biolo­gical process to the chemical preci­pi­ta­tion in the after-treat­ment up to the fourth clea­ning stage, we can offer the best possible solu­tions in all areas.In addi­tion, in our Rese­arch & Deve­lo­p­ment depart­ment we work on the deve­lo­p­ment of our own process tech­no­lo­gies for indus­trial and muni­cipal appli­ca­tions. We sell this unique solu­tion port­folio as “Pure Water by zahnen”. 

We provide our custo­mers with highly profes­sional project manage­ment that moni­tors the entire construc­tion process of a plant according to a defined construc­tion sche­dule in terms of both quality and quan­tity. We guarantee comple­tion on sche­dule and in accordance with the contract, with a respon­sible specia­list as the direct contact person: compe­tence from a single source.

The strengths of our expe­ri­enced, flexible and exten­si­vely trained project mana­gers: informing, docu­men­ting, orga­ni­sing and coor­di­na­ting. From the start of the project, through the defi­ni­tion and imple­men­ta­tion phases, to project comple­tion, all processes are perfectly coor­di­nated. Even the conso­li­da­tion of partial know­ledge and the divi­sion of the overall project into indi­vi­dual work packages is done profes­sio­nally. To ensure maximum effec­ti­ve­ness, we have sepa­rate depart­ments for mecha­nical and electrical engi­nee­ring plan­ning. Within these depart­ments, our project mana­gers coor­di­nate all tasks: Engi­nee­ring, soft­ware deve­lo­p­ment, switch­gear construc­tion, pipe and steel construc­tion, instal­la­tion and service as well as documentation.

All waste­water engi­nee­ring projects benefit from our broad engi­nee­ring knowledge.

In regular project meetings, all risks and oppor­tu­nities are perma­nently analysed to provide our custo­mers with solu­tion-oriented propo­sals. Because the effi­cient imple­men­ta­tion and further opti­mi­sa­tion of customer stan­dards is our goal.