Tech­nical System Planner

What do you do in this profession?

  • Prepare drawings and tech­nical docu­ments for plant engi­nee­ring equip­ment and elec­trical instal­la­tion work
  • Create drafts and detailed plans as well as circuit, wiring and cabling diagrams based on speci­fi­ca­tions and customer requirements
  • Create parts lists for installation

  • Docu­men­ta­tion of elec­trical engineering

Where do you work?

  • Office

  • Occa­sio­nally also on cons­truc­tion sites / workshop

What is important?

  • Drawing ability
  • Joy in CAD systems
  • Tech­nical understanding
  • Spatial imagi­na­tion and calcu­la­tion skills
  • Exact, clean way of working

Job speci­fics

  • Basic know­ledge of elec­trical engineering

  • School subjects: good perfor­mance in math and physics as well as craft­sman­ship / technology

  • Dura­tion: 3.5 years

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